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Galveston Capital: 10 of the Best Tourist Attractions in Jakarta

Top 10 best tourist attractions in jakarta

Best Jakarta Tourist Attractions – The connotation of Jakarta as a stalled city and all the problems of the metropolitan city are undeniable. However, the city of Jakarta is not as bad as expected. Destinations of tourist attractions, culinary in Jakarta and souvenirs typical of Jakarta are some fun things you can meet in this largest metropolitan city in Indonesia.

Compiled from various sources, Capture Indonesia provides some of the most popular and the best tourist attractions in Jakarta are visited by travel lovers, both domestic and foreign.

1. National Monument (Monas Monument).

This monument has a 132 meters (433 feet) memorial monument, established to commemorate the resistance and struggle of the Indonesian people in winning independence from the Dutch East Indies colonial government. The monument built by President Soekarno is crowned with flames lined with gold sheets. Monas is the most popular tourist attraction in Jakarta, as well as one of the pride of the Republic of Indonesia. Friedrich Silaban and R.M. Soedarsono is the architect of this monument. This place is open to the public every day from 8 am to 3 pm, except on the end Monday of every month closed to the public.

2. Thousand Islands.

Thousand Islands or Thousand Islands is one of the attractions in Jakarta which consists of several small islands is an interesting spot from among other tourist attractions entering the province of Jakarta. Thousand Islands coverage consists of Harapan Island, Bidadari Island, Pulau Tidung, Pulau Pari, and dozens of other islands. Most of them offer a relaxed atmosphere when visited with family.

3. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII).

Not only accessible to citizens of Jakarta, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or TMII is also a popular destination for visitors from outside Jakarta and abroad who want to travel in Jakarta. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is an interesting place in Jakarta that is suitable to be enjoyed with family. This site is evident from the thousands of visitors crowded this resort, the majority consisting of children, young people, and parents.

4. Ancol Dreamland.

It was popular with the name of Ancol Dreamland Ancol Dreamland, this one tourist destination is now more familiar called Ancol Dreamland. Perhaps Ancol Dreamland is a tourist icon in Jakarta considering in every day, this destination is never empty of visitors both domestic and foreign. Ancol Dreamland including one of the best tourist attractions in Jakarta is suitable to visit with family. Ancol Dreamland location is quite strategic so easy to reach from various directions.

5. Tidung Island.

Among the many small islands that belong to the Thousand Islands, Pulau Tidung may be the most interesting sights to visit. This island has a shoreline that is so shady and beautiful, making tourists feel at home for an extended stop on this small island. The dominance of a quiet and comfortable atmosphere is of course very suitable to relax with friends, relatives, and family.

6. Jakarta Old Town.

Kota Tua Jakarta or Jakarta Old Town is one of the best tourist attractions in Jakarta which is always crowded by tourists. The city of Jakarta with Old Town landmarks is a historical tourist attraction in Jakarta that gives a lot of knowledge. Various relics of the past you can still meet in an area that is always crowded during this weekend. Also, photography lovers will always love coming to the Old Town.

7. Tanah Abang Market.

For fans of shopping in Jakarta, you can visit Pasar Tanah Abang. From dawn, there are already some stores open in this market and will be closed at sunset. Tanah Abang market is always crowded to visit and feels will be crowded when the weekend. You should come on weekdays if you want to enjoy a convenient shopping experience because it is not crowded. Also, try to come in the morning. In Pasar Tanah Abang, the prices of goods sold are cheaply average. If you want to bid, then bargain as necessary.

8. Sea World Ancol.

Located within the Ancol Dreamland, Sea World Ancol is a destination that offers you knowledge of the life of a living biota in nature. In Ancol Sea World, the collection ranges from freshwater biota, consisting of 126 species of fish, five species of reptile to marine biota composed of 26 species, 13 species of invertebrates, five species of reptiles, and one mammal.

9. Fatahillah Museum.

Situated in the Old Town area of ​​Jakarta, Fatahillah Museum is the best place to explore many things about the history of Jakarta. Jakarta History Museum was established since 1707 with a typical neoclassical architectural style of the 17th century. When you enter this museum, you will be required to wear soft orange slippers. This site is considering the floor of Museum Fatahillah dating from the 17th century, and the use of shoes will erode the floor. In this museum, you can find many historical collections at least about 23,500 objects that tell the origin of Jakarta in the past.

10. Ragunan Zoo.

The Ragunan Zoo, established since 1864, was formerly run by the compassionate Association of Flora and Fauna Batavia. Area of tourist attractions in Jakarta this one for 147 hectares and has more than 2,000 animals. Jakarta’s famous zoo is also overgrown with more than 50,000 trees, making the atmosphere so fresh and comfortable. This is one of the famous children’s destinations in Jakarta, providing education and early recognition for children to live animals directly.

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