Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mission, Vision, Values & Quality Policy at Mossack Fonseca


To deliver quality, reliable and comprehensive services to our worldwide clients in the legal, trust, investment consultancy** and digital solution fields through our group´s firms, our global network of offices, our highly skilled staff and the cutting edge technology we have always embraced, meeting client needs by generating value while being able to compensate our shareholders, our employees and the society at large in a responsible manner.

**Entity Regulated and Supervised by the Superintendency of the Securities Market of Panama. Licensed to operate as an Investment Adviser. Resolution No. 94-06 of April 26th, 2006.


To be the leading local and international group in the provision of legal and trust services, as well as investment consultancy** and digital solutions, known for our prestigious firms and our commitment to service and excellence.

**Entity Regulated and Supervised by the Superintendency of the Securities Market of Panama. Licensed to operate as an Investment Adviser. Resolution No. 94-06 of April 26th, 2006.

·         Customer Service Excellence
·         Commitment
·         Discipline
·         Responsibility
·         Honesty
·         Loyalty
·         Innovation


Mossack Fonseca & Co. is committed to offering quality legal and trust services in order to satisfy our clients, under a continual improvement scheme and with competent personnel.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Howard Marans MD: Huntington Beach’s Top Rated Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeon Huntington Beach

From participating in local sports or just walking along a shoreline, the beautiful seaside city of Hunting Beach offers various events and activities for people to enjoy on a daily basis. Being in pain from an injury or a disease places limits on a normal active lifestyle. A top rated Orthopedic Surgeon Huntington Beach will work with a potential patient on an individualized basis to provide an optimal outcome for the medical condition.

Orthopedic Surgeon Huntington Beach

An orthopedic surgeon focuses on the medical issues of the musculoskeletal system. The treatment approach may be either surgical or non-surgical depending on the degree of injury or disease degeneration. The orthopedic specialist will work with each patient to provide high-quality medical treatment to preserve and restore function to joint, bones, tendons, ligaments and other relatable ailments. The orthopedic surgeon Huntington Beach also works with patients with birth defects, traumas, tumors and sports injuries.

Finding the Best Orthopedic Surgeon Huntington Beach

Each orthopedic surgeon receives extensive training prior to receiving board certification. As a potential patient, feel free to ask for credentials and educational background. Under most circumstances, the information is available on the orthopedic surgeon’s website. Begin researching reviews and asking for referrals to find the best surgeon to meet specific medical issues and concerns.

·         Begin by asking family and friends for referrals
·         Ask co-workers and peers
·         Research online reviews from various websites
·         Check out the surgeon’s websites
·         Research hospital affiliations where the surgeon performs on a regular basis
·         Contact health insurance provider
·         Ask the family doctor for a referral

Each resource is valuable in finding a top-rated orthopedic surgeon Huntington Beach. Gathering names will aid in narrowing down the search to find the best specialists.

Characteristics of a Top Orthopedic Surgeon

Credentials and education are only part of what makes a top rated orthopedic surgeon Huntington Beach. The surgeon should have other qualities to make the patient feel comfortable.

·         Treats each patient as an individual, not a symptom
·         Begins by taking a full medical history followed by a physical exam and testing to allow for an accurate diagnosis.
·         Creates a treatment program with both surgical and non-surgical options
·         Explains the reasons for the type of treatment needed
·         Answers all patients questions and addresses concerns with everyday language to help the patient understand the treatment process
·         Follows the patient’s progress through each step of the treatment process

Every patient’s medical needs are different. A top rated orthopedic surgeon Huntington Beach should provide an accurate diagnosis for an optimal outcome to allow the patient to return to a normal active lifestyle.

In Huntington Beach, Dr. Howard Marans is a top rated surgeon who strives for the best possible outcome for each situation. With over twenty years’ experience in a consistent location, Howard Marans MD record speaks volumes for the high standard of caregiving to patients. He begins with an accurate diagnosis with a complete explanation of the desired outcome of the treatment program. Dr. Marans and his courteous staff accept PPO and will work with other insurance companies to provide the highest level of care without creating a financial burden.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Meir Ezra - Leadership Success

You are a leader, even if not officially. People follow your example, learn from you, want to know your opinions and so on. Constantly improving your leadership skills is essential to your success.

Most people have the wrong idea about leadership. For example, car salesman Jim was promoted to the Sales Manager position. During his first week as manager, he decided to show everyone who was boss.

Jim cracked the whip. He held a meeting and told the other sales people, “I want 10 cars sold today or someone will get fired!”

The sales people ran around looking busy and avoiding Jim. Everyone tried to force customers to buy cars, but car sales dropped.

Jim yelled even louder. “You can’t sell cars by pressuring customers, you idiots! Now get out there and sell these stupid cars!”

After a month of this, his two best sales people quit. Sales dropped even further.

Jim said, “I can’t believe this! What am I doing wrong?”

Five Bad Leadership Attitudes

Like many new managers, Jim had these five wrong ideas:

1.      “Because I’m the manager, you better respect me . . . or else!”
2.    “People are lazy; I have to force them to work.”
3.    “I’m superior to everyone. I can do anything I want.”
4.    “If you work for me, you need to kiss my butt.”
5.     “If you don’t like how I run things, you can leave.”

Because of these attitudes, Jim’s sales people were selling fewer cars and looking for other jobs. If Jim did not change his attitude, he would also be looking for a new job soon.

Just in time, Jim learned this vital fact about management.

A Key to Leadership Success

“I believe that to command is to serve and only gives one the right to serve.” — L. Ron Hubbard

At first Jim said, “What? I’m supposed to serve others? How ridiculous!”

But then he thought it through. A lightbulb above his head flashed on.

“If I SERVE my staff members by teaching them about sales and cars, they know how to sell better.”

“If I SERVE my staff members with kindness and courtesy, they treat customers better!”

“If I’m here to SERVE my team, I don’t force them to make sales, I help them make sales.”

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Establisher by Meir Ezra

Imagine a car that can go 230 mph, but has a governor keeping it to 110 mph. Imagine a business that could easily be generating a million dollars in profit per year, but it is stuck at just under 100 K – or is even in debt. Imagine an individual with a power level potential of 10, but who operates at a usual 6.

These “ceilings” or blocks are apparent all around us. It’s a problem that people don’t always know how to fix and so get comfortable in. But that’s not good enough at all…!

This seminar will teach you how to get your people producing at their highest level of efficiency with no effort.

Business is generally simple if each person produces what he is supposed to produce and if he delivers what was produced at the correct place on time.

Yet, most businesses are a hectic mass of people doing things that create more things to do that bring about a need to get more people that will do more things BUT without an actual increase of profit.
The reason is simple.

It is hard to believe or confront, but the reason for ANY lack of prosperity in an organization is internal. Nothing to do with the market, clients etc. Just like a car, the issue is internal. If you can take out the governor from within, you can zoom to new speeds.

While the manager is busy handling the day to day work, he has no time to train his crew and actually resists and resents anyone who thinks about getting time off to get trained.

This brings about internal disagreements and inhibits the efficient creation of results.

Money is the result of results that have been exchanged for money.

If your team is not fully trained, the outcome will not be lack of results, but destruction - as no one is just sitting there doing nothing - so if what they are doing is not constructive, it’s destructive. If they don’t bring results they destroy. And yes, it is another one of those “not easy to confront but true” scenarios.

In this seminar

You will get the tools that will allow you to create the cohesive team you need to run an effective business. You will learn how to train people and how to debug people’s problems. You will learn how to handle the day to day emergencies so they reduce and so that you have time to train your staff.

You will get specific tools to handle ANY difficulties a team member may have. Essentially, you will learn how to get everyone producing.

And the results – money - lots of money flowing in to your organization… and to YOU.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Administrative Services of Mossack Fonseca & Co.

· Preparation of accounts, financial records, financial statements and tax returns.
· Registered Agent Service, Directors and provision of physical office space.
· Maintenance of legal documents and corporate records.
· Compliance with local and international laws in the jurisdictions where operations.
· Continuous customer in relation to methods of notification and information for each case or proceeding having us link.
· Virtual Office Service

Opening bank account

We assist our clients in opening bank accounts for individuals and companies. We closely follow the opening process for all necessary documentation is processed with maximum efficiency. Our independent banking advisers can also help you choose the most suitable and in the most appropriate place according to their individual needs bank.

The service includes opening bank accounts:
· Assistance with the application for bank account in the most prestigious financial centers.
· Deposit accounts with various interest rates
· Current accounts
· Brokerage accounts (stock brockerage accounts)
· Credit and debit cards

Asset and fund management
· Authorized signatory
· All managed funds are subject to our risk controls.

Shoulder Impingement Surgery Cost by Dr Howard Marans

Prior to shoulder impingement surgery, other treatments may be used to reduce symptoms while alleviating pain. The costs of these non-surgical methods will slowly add up over a period of time, which will continue to raise the total of the overall medical expenses.
  • Rest may seem like a free approach to a non-surgical treatment option. However, if the patient is required to spend time resting. Work and other routine activities may have to be delayed or eliminated which can result in loss of wages.
  • Use of braces may help ease the pain while resting the arm and shoulder to promote healing. The brace is usually under $100. The cost is relatively low for the actually brace. However, limiting the range of motion can decrease activity which may result in having to take time off work.
  • Physical therapy sessions may be required. Depending on the severity of the shoulder injury, physical therapy may last weeks. The sessions can help reduce the progression of symptoms through a variety of exercises. Prior to beginning physical therapy, the patient may be required to have an ultrasound to verify the damaged area. The ultrasound and physical therapy session can be costly.
  • Over the counter and prescription drugs may be used to reduce inflammation and pain. In the beginning, the pain relievers may be a low cost option. Over time the costs will continue add up.
  • Cortisone or other type of steroid injection may help in reducing the symptoms of the shoulder impingement. The injection can reduce the inflammation and irritation, which may feel like a quick fix.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Petersen Group: What to Do Before Buying a House

My partner and I had just moved in to our new home a year ago after a long renting scheme but it was almost 2 years since we had actually bought the house. We underwent a lot of paper works and legalization processes before finally reaching a final decision. As first time buyers, we have consulted a lot of advices and reviewed countless of guide articles on what initial steps to take before buying a house.

After meeting with Mark, an agent working with The Petersen Group which we hired as custom home builder, we have learned a few friendly tips which really helped us in choosing the best home for us:

1. Think of the Long Term Circumstances

If you are living together like me and my partner, you should ask yourself of your plans for the future which, in time, is inevitable. Are you planning to have kids? Are you expecting family members and friends to stay over every now and then? You may be planning to stay in your new home for only a few years. If the time comes to sell your home, who is your target audience? What are the key areas around which are accessible?

2. Make a list

When buying a pre-furnished home, you may not agree with one design but like how the placement of things is in the other room. Make sure to list your preferences before visiting houses. You can just cross out your list and compare later on which house is the most compatible with your likings.

3. Consider the Expenses

It makes a lot of difference if you are planning to buy a house in the developed city of Los Angeles, California than a house in Jakarta, Indonesia. When budgeting for the house, don't stop with principal, interest, taxes and insurance; add in utilities, cost of commuting and upgrades.

4. Better to Buy in Cash

One of the advantages of cash is you get discounts but it fairs more than that. In today’s competitive market where buyers are getting aggressive to owning a house within prime locations, purchasing a house in cash gives an edge in securing the home before any competitor can. Bottom line is, a seller wants to know how quickly they can gain money and paying in cash assures faster processing. However, you don’t have to force yourself if you don’t have ready cash or you’ll end up with bank complaints.  

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5 Things to Know about the Cost for Knee Surgery by Dr. Howard Marans

Howard J. Marans, MD, discusses the cost for knee surgery.

1. There are two main type of knee surgery: open knee surgery and arthroscopic knee surgery.

2. Open knee surgery is most commonly used to treat more extensive knee problems, such as total knee replacement for arthritis.

3. Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive form of surgery that can be used to treat less extensive knee problems, like meniscus or ligament tears. It is preferable to use arthroscopic knee surgery whenever possible, due to its lower risk factors, shorter downtime and lesser costs.

4. There are several factors that can influence the cost of knee surgery:
  • How high the local cost of living is
  • Whether or not open knee surgery is used
  • Whether or not a hospital stay is required
  • How long it takes to perform the surgery
  • How many resources the surgery takes to perform
  • What the individual surgeon's rates are
5. Insurance covers orthopedic knee surgery costs because knee surgery is only used in cases where it is medically necessary, but the different insurance policies vary widely in the terms of their coverage.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Exclusive Online Services at Mossack Fonseca

The Mossack Fonseca Client Information Portal is a secure online account that enables you to access your corporate information anywhere and everywhere, with real-time updates of your ongoing requests.

Our exclusive online portal offers clients these features:
• FIND updated information on your Company Formation requests through the Case Information Service panel, as well as digital copies of Corporate and legal paperwork.
• FOLLOW UP on your cases and receive notifications by email whenever one of your cases is updated.
• SEARCH and RESERVE Shelf Companies online.
• VIEW your price lists.
• PAY your outstanding invoices
• REQUEST for certificates, reactivations and order forms
You can access all of these features from any place in the world in a safe environment in real time! Ask for your log in at:

Find the following applications:

The Case Information Service (CIS) is a tool which tracks the progress of client requests and ongoing cases.
• The CIS enables you to:
            • Contact our staff around the world
            • View digital copies of documents as soon as they are received in our office
            • Receive automatic email notifications every time one of your cases is updated (optional)

Mossack Fonseca Client Information Portal offers a complete account management system where you can keep track of all your outstanding or paid invoices.
• The OPS will allow you to:
            • Generate account statements with real-time information
            • Pay your outstanding invoices online or by credit card
            • Take advantage of our debit account application
            • Choose our Batch Payment option that facilitates bank transfers and cheques for settlement of invoices

Mossack Fonseca guarantees the most rapid and secure delivery system for your Annual Invoices and Account Statements. This Electronic Delivery System (EDS) eliminates delays due to the air-mail service. We avoid the use of paper, and it allows you to have more time to collect bills from your clients and send payments before deadlines.

Through this new application you can access these documents easily and quickly, and all in one place!
• Incumbency Certificates
• Good Standing Certificates
• Reactivation of one or more companies
• Order Form
Discover these and other website features NOW! Subscribe us here!