Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ceramic Fiber Insulation: Joe Moore & Company, Inc.

Pyro-bloc lining in RTO can.

We sell and install a variety of industrial ceramic fiber insulation, including ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic board, ceramic paper, and Pyro-Bloc modules. We stock ceramic blanket, board, paper, and Pyro-bloc in our warehouse in Raleigh, North Carolina. We can easily ship materials to your site, or, if you are local, we can arrange for local pickup.

Joe Moore & Company is an authorized Pyro-bloc dealer, and we are factory-trained installers. For 25 years, we have specialized in installing ceramic fiber linings in RTOs, gasifiers, brick kilns, heat treat furnaces, and boiler doors. We can install new Pyro-bloc linings in new equipment, and we can repair and replace existing ceramic fiber linings. Since we own all of the specialized guns and equipment for installing Pyro-bloc, we can respond quickly to your immediate needs. Furthermore, we have the welding and fabrication abilities to repair steel vessels lined with fiber, including RTO cans.

If you have any questions or would like pricing for ceramic fiber insulation, please call us at (919) 832-1665.

·        Ceramic Fiber and other High Temp Insulation Inventory
·        Kaowool (Thermal Ceramics)
·        Ceramic fiber blanket
·        Ceramic fiber board
·        Ceramic paper
·        Low temperature board
·        Mineral wool
·        ETR blanket
·        1900°F mineral block insulation
·        Pyro-bloc (various sizes and hardware options)
·        Insulating cement

·        Superwool (non-RCF)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our Work John Peebles Associates LTD Review

Chief Executive Officer
SPCA Auckland
Technical Director
Food Manufacturer
Chief Executive Officer
Regulatory Organisation
Head of Sales and Marketing
Private Education Company
Head of Digital
Major Organisatio

Senior Associate
Private Law Firm – City Based
Significant Primary Sector Company
Operations Director
Significant Privately Owned FMCG
Small Public Listed Company
Global Sales Manager

GM North Island
Manufacturing Company
Public Listed Company
New Venture for IPO

National Retail Organisation