Sunday, December 6, 2015

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2012 BMW K1600 GTL


Gran Turismo. Travel in big style. That means combining dynamic performance and comfort – and transforming distance into free space. BMW Motorrad’s vision was the essence of this philosophy – the pure sense of Gran Turismo. This vision has now taken shape in the new K 1600 GT. The in-line six-cylinder engines by BMW are legendary. A myth which has been realized once more in the K 1600 GT – but now more compactly than ever before. 1,649 cc, 160 hp and a maximum torque of 129 foot pounds. Even the facts are impressive. But the riding experience is even more inspiring. The transversely installed power units delivers an extraordinary level of dynamic performance as well as refined running smoothness. If the rider is in the mood for a show of sporty prowess, the engine willingly puts in a burst of speed even in the lower engine speed range, and it is in its element over high-speed stretches. Over 70% of the maximum torque is available from just 1,500 rpm. While the bike’s power reserves are huge, its dimensions are reduced. Weighing just under 227 pounds and with a width of 21.8 inches – never was a large-volume in-line six-cylinder so compact. For outstanding handling and increased banking freedom. And a whole new touring bike feel. For better visibility going into bends, the GT presents a world premiere for motorcycles: the optionally available adaptive headlight. It not only increases the exclusivity but also the active safety of the machine. Vision fulfilled. The K 1600 GT. UNSTOPPABLE TOUR.



Engine - 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valves per cylinder, 2 overhead camshafts, BMS-K management, closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, EU-3
Bore And Stroke - 2.83 x 2.65 in. (72 x 67.5 mm)
Compression Ratio - 12.2:1
Induction - Unleaded super
Ignition - Digital


Transmission - 6-speed, helical, gearbox
Final Drive - Shaft


Front Tire - 120/70 ZR 17
Rear Tire - 190/55 ZR 17


Wheelbase - 66 inches
Curb Weight - 650


Available Colors - Light Grey Metallic

Monday, November 30, 2015

2016 Honda FourTrax Rancher ES - Al Lamb's Dallas Honda


The FourTrax Rancher is one of the most versatile ATV’s on the market. The Honda Rancher’s durability, toughness, and dependability are all incredible aspects of this ATV, but the characteristic that sets the Rancher apart from the rest is the ability to choose from a huge range of Rancher options, in order to find one that exactly fits your wants and needs. Depending on whether you need an ATV for your ranch, trail riding, hunting/fishing, farm or job site, the Rancher has options that allow you to comfortably and effectively complete almost any job.

The Rancher allows you to take a basic model, and add all of the necessary features to fit your needs exactly. Whether that is an independent rear suspension, two or four-wheel drive, Honda’s special electric power steering, or an automatic dual clutch transmission, the Rancher was built to support them all, and with an array of colors to choose from. With all of these options plus more, your fitted Rancher should feel like a tailored suit when its completed.

The Rancher ES model comes with everything the base model Rancher comes with, while adding an Honda’s electric shift system, in order to make shifting smoother and easier.



Engine - 420cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected OHV wet-sump longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore And Stroke - 86.5mm x 71.5mm
Compression Ratio - 9.9:1
Induction - Keihin 34mm throttle-body fuel-injection system
Ignition - Electric with optional auxiliary recoil


Transmission - Five-speed with reverse


Front Brake - 190mm Dual hydraulic disc
Rear Brake - 160mm Sealed mechanical drum
Front Tire - 24 x 8-12
Rear Tire - 24 x 10-11


Wheelbase - 49.9 inches
Seat Height - 33.7 inches
Curb Weight - 575 pounds (includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel—ready to ride)


Available Colors - Red, Olive
Model Id - TRX420TE1F


FourTrax Rancher ES Accessories

Windscreen - 74-0SR02-TRX-100 - $127.46
OUTDOOR STORAGE COVER - 74-08P34-HP5-200 - $54.36
12v FRONT ACCESSORY SOCKET - 74-08U70-HR3-A20 - $25.46
A-Arm Guards (front) - 74-08P71-HR3-A20 - $110.46
Skid Plate - 74-08P74-HR3-A20 - $212.46
Side Pocket Net - 74-08L72-HR4-A20 - $10.16
Plow Mount Kit - 206-08L75-HR3-A20 - $169.96
Winch - 74-08L71-HL5-A02 - $229.46
Plow Blade - 74-08L76-HR3-A21 - $220.96
REAR SOFT RACK BAG - 74-0SL56-HR3-100B - $152.96
FRONT SOFT RACK BAG - 74-0SL56-HR3-100A - $110.46
PLOW PUSH TUBE - 74-08L77-HR3-A21 - $195.46
WINCH MOUNT - 74-08L74-HR3-A20 - $169.96
ACCESSORY SUB HARNESS - 74-08Z01-HR3-A20 - $9.01
ACCESSORY SUB HARNESS - 74-08Z00-HR3-A20 - $5.06
RECOIL STARTER - 74-08U70-HR3-A60 - $98.56

HEATED GRIPS - 74-08T71-HR3-A20 - $131.71

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Meir Ezra Consulting Services

Entrepreneur with years of experience across a wide range of fields and an inventor with many patents registered to his name.

Stage - Product In Development
Industry - Business Services
Location - Florida City, FL, US
Currency - SD
Website -

Company Summary

Owns multiple businesses and has consulting clients in US Canada, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Russia, India, China, Romania, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey and others.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meir Ezra: Values and Business

The business field seems to be very challenging these days. It seems as if one has to be a ruthless person to get ahead in the business world. Meir Ezra is a personality who has brought revolution in the thoughts and perceptions of the people. He has built his own personal success, and he is willing to share his secrets in his sales seminar in Tampa.

Here is the detail regarding the shining career of Meir Ezra. Basically, he is an entrepreneur however, he is not such a man who sticks in one profession.It will not be wrong to say that he is an inventor as well who has invented a lot of things. One of the reasons for his popularity is that he has role in the promotion of gasoline management systems. Because of his skills and contribution, gasoline management systems earned many billions within a period of three years. One of his interesting hobbies was submarine diving for the U.S Navy. He has the title to be a participant for each and every activity.

He has shown tremendous progress in many aspects of the business field. He has generated a hundred million dollars of worth in a gasoline management company in just three short years. He also created Time maker Leadership Software, the most innovative software for the management and efficient functioning of businesses. Because of his extraordinary mind, he has also stepped in the area of telecommunication. Some more inventions from his life history are hotel software solutions, pay-by-cell technology and the cell phone blockers.

This approach is very effective as it focuses on all the individuals. They serve the clients in the best way for the payment they get from clients. This organization focuses on all the aspects such as relationships of the client, his health etc. The importance of these facts are easy to discern if you want an affluent company. It is very good for the business success to have personal relation with this organization. Plus, expansion is a possibility for your new venture, and all because Ezra gets to know his clients.

It is highly likely that a traditional business owner’s mindset is full of practical advice that is better suited for the nineteenth, or twentieth centuries. True growth and profit is dependent upon setting the mind on the future. There are many people who are talented but unfortunately, their thoughts have been locked in an out of date manner. People become committed to learn the techniques related to the success and growth of business. The seminars of Ezra teach the business-minded people that there are many other aspects as well that are indirectly related to the success of any business and such aspects have to be considered.

Meir Ezra uses all the ways to make his clients a successful person.For this reason, he’s the perfect mentor for coaching with guaranteed results in Tampa, FL.

Meir Ezra has the mindset, philosophy and will to succeed where other business owners do not. Other than ordinary business owners, he feels pleasure in sharing his experiences and plans with others even in this age of competition. He provides such training in his seminars that has never seen in any other seminar all over the world. The success of his seminars is directly related to the success of himself. Unlimited income potential and the driving force behind it is at the core of Meir Ezra business seminars!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

“Notes from Genius Tour” – Meir Ezra

Genius Tour June 14, 2013 Meir Ezra

Meir Ezra WOWed all of us. His presentation was filled with so many golden nuggets of information, splattered with exercises of both the mind and body, as well as some pretty funny dirty jokes in his rather strong and charming Israeli accent. When he comes to town again (he LOVES Hawaii!!), please go. [Update: Meir will be teaching again on August 17 and 18 at the Hyatt Place. To sign up, go to TheGenius Tour and choose Hawaii.]

Here are the notes that I took from this intense 2 day seminar. Most of them are standalone ideas that deserve time to absorb:

What do you expect from the seminar? If you don’t know what you expect, how will you know that you arrived there? We must define what we want.

Essence of genius is simplicity. Know the definition of words.

A professional is one who thinks it is simple.

What is truth? Exact time, place, form and event. Does not contain continuation. A Lie is the opposite time, place, form and event, and continues.

People are ethically good. We are the worst judge of ourselves, so when we do something bad, we feel bad. When we do something good, we feel good.

Must understand the mind – everything you deal with are minds.

How do you find a purpose, how do you find what your purpose is? It is your Fuel of the soul. What is your purpose? Write down your purpose. Look up the definition of purpose.

Ideas are conveyed by sentences. Sentences are conveyed by words or symbols. If you do not understand the sentence it is because there is a word or words that you do not know in the sentence. If you do not understand the sentences, you will not get the idea. Your IQ is defined by the number of WRONG words you know. Increase the number of words that you do know, and you increase your IQ.

People become criminal because of the number of words that they don’t understand. A good man comes across a word or symbol that he does not understand, which causes confusion, which causes sins.

Once you go past a misunderstood word without figuring out what it means, your understanding goes away. The more words you do not understand, the stupider you become. Learn definitions of words from the dictionary.

The first dictionary was written by Webster in order to empower people to understand words so they have power and cannot be cheated.

Ethics – ability of the individual to uphold the moral code.

Justice – when an individual violates the moral code, the group puts force to get the individual to be ethical.

Moral code – a set of standards, laws, or rules that we hold ourselves to, based on our own group consensus.

If you have a problem, look at all the data of the problem in order to find a solution. For a problem to be a problem, it must contain a lie. If something becomes complex, it contains a lie. Find the lie and you will solve the problem. Simple brings the result immediately. (Task: change IX to 6 using just one continuous line *see solution at end)

An authority is someone who knows good P.R. Look at their result, by their actions, you can judge how they are.

Insanity is not being there – being in the past when you need to be in the present.

Spirit – this thing that knows. We need to clear false data.

Love is the flow of admiration and sympathy. Love is very close to hate, flipping very fast. Love can be used to control and cage. Use love to take the person to full potential, not cage or control.

The view point that you take defines your life. If you think you can, you can. If you think you cannot, you cannot. 99% of the people do not try, are not willing to show up.

Clever = ability to recognize truth. Smallest number in the universe is 2 = force, counterforce.

Greatness is ability to continue to love man despite all invitation to do otherwise. If you can continue to love them, no sorrow or pain. Handle the spirit, not the physical.

BREAK – after we came back, Meir had us do exercises – squat against wall, push ups for men
Prerequisite for success is to become unserious, charging toward your purpose and be sure of your success. Success is ability to experience motion, as well as the ability to control motion.

What is seriousness – when interest is intense because of penalty. Attention is stuck in the past. I better do that or else something will happen. When you are serious, you get slow and stuck on what you do not want – one always gets what his attention is on. You get what you validate. Look at the problem from an unserious point of view.

Child rearing. If they are doing something bad, ignore it (non validation). Every child has a job that they have to do – it is an agreement that they help – more than just chores, it is their job and responsibility.
Let your children make their own decisions in order to complete their jobs.

Competence is the ability to do what you do when you are doing it.

Any area where you are serious about you are also incompetent. The past influences your present behavior to such a degree that if you are not aware of it, you cannot control it. A being causes his own feeling. Smile when you feel lousy. Force yourself to be the cause. After an impact you make a decsion – a resolution to act in a certain way “I will never do that again” = no-no because you have taken away your free will.

Whenever we do something wrong, rather than find or make excuses of why we did that wrong deed, just be able to admit that we are wrong.

Serious people are not serious because of what is happening now, but because of what happened in the past. To combat, look at data in front of you, not what happened. Evaluate with what is in front of you – look at everything as “interesting”.

When you are serious about something in your life, you fail. Measure by statistics, not by feelings.
When you make a decision, you feel better. Crisis is a moment of decision. People never lose their ability, what you lose is your willingness. Easy to ignite the willingness by igniting your purpose.

The less decisive you are the more emotionally bankrupt you are. Stress is the sum of all indecisions.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Success Story - Meir Ezra

I’d like to express my deepest gratitude. You’ve done an excellent job teaching me. At first I was very skeptic, because my business was very successful. I was a very good husband and father, very motivated, confident and competent.

What Meir Ezra teaching has done in my life - words cannot describe. I have achieved new levels with everything.

I thought I loved people and yet I was lacking in some areas of my life. I can write a book about it, but I’ll share just a few VERY important words that were missing in my vocabulary like: Validation, Admiration, Confronting, Beingness, etc.

I was able to turn a HUGE problem into a barrier I can overcome. I am on the road to achieve it. Once everything is done I’ll share more.

Today I am a great husband and father, a much better business man and a better human being. What I’ve learned is unmatchable.

You are an amazing man full of life and appreciation.

Meir Ezra entrepreneur with years of experience across a wide range of fields and an inventor with many patents registered to his name. Established the most successful distributor of gasoline management systems, a company that within three years grew to $100,000,000.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Meir Ezra Blog and Guaranteed Results

"Follow The Processes And You Cannot Fail"

Those are the words that first caught my attention in November 2012. Since that time I have invested over 1,000 hours in training with Meir Ezra and supporting resources. It is not the training that results in the guarantee. It is the application of the training that allows Meir to clearly state with every product offered that he guarantees you will be happy with the event or course or coaching. If not your money is returned.

What Is The Secret Behind Offering An Iron Clad Guarantee?

There is not secret! Here is the formula and I know because I now work with him and I am responsible for the Division that delivers coaching and courses. The formula.

1. Deliver amazing content that is so valuable for building a business and is founded on principles of personal ethics and happiness.

2. Structure a coaching system where the client sees progress daily and when they do not they understand what action is needed. This system like other business processes begins with clear targets. These targets are part of a bigger picture of developing a client organization that has seven divisions in harmony. The larger picture is in line of site however, this ideal scene is developed by producing income from transactions. The faster the client is able to produce income the sooner the idea scene can be painted. The daily and weekly focus is on answering the question “what do I need to do today to get the lead that I want, sell the product or service I want – in other words what do I need to do today to achieve my daily weekly monthly etc goals?” Of course that is how the client is guided by the coach.

3. Meir leads the team that delivers the services to the clients. This does not just mean he is at the top of the Organization Board. This means he tracks everything that is being done and in the case of coaching there is a third party quality control system that includes a written report and a recording that goes directly to Meir and the coach.

4. Meir Ezra teaches and lives the principle “we are the cause”! This means if the client is not succeeding it is because of the teacher not the client unless there is a personal behavior barrier for the client. Even then Meir’s view is let’s help the person then we can restore helping them build their business.

This is only a “birds eye” view of the process. For me personally, I have consistently achieved success with coaching clients. Now that I am applying what Meir teaches, I am seeing the success curve increasing much more rapidly. Here is one example and we have quite a few developing at this point: One of our clients has a definitive skill but was not using that skill to make money. He was working on an idea for a different business when we met him. Meir looked at this situation and in a couple minutes outlined the plan for him making money. I called him today since he had not responded to several emails and he is normally very good about that. He apologized and said he has just been busy working with companies and making money. I will get an update on then numbers in a few days. I already know he is on track to exceed his targeted monthly income.

I will end with this: As a coach I am accountable for the success of those I coach. As a Div Head I am accountable for the success of all in the coaching program. With the support of Meir Ezra and by following the processes the clients will achieve and in most cases exceed their success expectations. I am very happy to be able to write this with such certainty.

May your success exceed your most amazing dreams and desires!

Steve Pohlit

PS Would you like to know how we can help you or do you have questions? Call me 727-587-7871

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NeXT Career Consulting Group: Intensive Coach Certification Program

2nd IN-TAKE - Module One Planned for July 2015

Our Intensive Coach Certification is the only strength-based program in Asia that offers dual certification with the most recognized certification bodies in the world.  Also, our program is modeled along a similar program at the University of Toronto.

Participants complete 125 hours of Coach Training with BRIEF Academy; clocks 125 hours of coaching practice, submit a micro-analysis of his/her own coaching recording and qualify for the Certified Solution Focused Coach (CSFC) designation accredited by the Canadian Council of Professional Certification.  This program is administered at a level higher than the ICF ACC credential.  Upon completion of the CSFC program, participants can continue to work towards the ICF PCC Examination as they clock the 750 hours of coaching practice.


Who should attend:

Practising Managers,  HRD Professionals, Trainers or Consultants with several years’ experience and appropriate training and graduate qualifications in Management, leadership, HRD or consultancy.

"It is an exceptional learning experience that is full of "aha!" moments. The solutions-focused approach is life-changing. Simon is a caring, authentic facilitator and with Paul, they share immensely useful insights for practical applications"
Edmund Chew
Participant - 2014

"I had long-awaited for a face-to-face coaching program instead of having to wake up in the middle of the night to attend to a skype-call type of learning.  The Solution Focused Coaching Program organized by NeXT Corporate Coaching is indeed the ideal coaching program in town!
The privilege of learning in a classroom setting over a period of 7 months provided plenty of face-to-face guidance from the Master Coach and lots of practice cum sharing opportunities with course mates.  Simon, the Master Coach is highly experienced, patient and generous in sharing resources.
The learning experience from Simon and Paul, two top coaching gurus, has been both enriching and transformational.  I feel as if I have been equipped with a new language – one that speaks Positivity, and a new mindset – one that sees Possibilities in all situations!  Indeed, it is worth all the investment and time!"
Lily Koh
Participant - 2014

For more details and registration form, e-mail, or

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ceramic Fiber Insulation: Joe Moore & Company, Inc.

Pyro-bloc lining in RTO can.

We sell and install a variety of industrial ceramic fiber insulation, including ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic board, ceramic paper, and Pyro-Bloc modules. We stock ceramic blanket, board, paper, and Pyro-bloc in our warehouse in Raleigh, North Carolina. We can easily ship materials to your site, or, if you are local, we can arrange for local pickup.

Joe Moore & Company is an authorized Pyro-bloc dealer, and we are factory-trained installers. For 25 years, we have specialized in installing ceramic fiber linings in RTOs, gasifiers, brick kilns, heat treat furnaces, and boiler doors. We can install new Pyro-bloc linings in new equipment, and we can repair and replace existing ceramic fiber linings. Since we own all of the specialized guns and equipment for installing Pyro-bloc, we can respond quickly to your immediate needs. Furthermore, we have the welding and fabrication abilities to repair steel vessels lined with fiber, including RTO cans.

If you have any questions or would like pricing for ceramic fiber insulation, please call us at (919) 832-1665.

·        Ceramic Fiber and other High Temp Insulation Inventory
·        Kaowool (Thermal Ceramics)
·        Ceramic fiber blanket
·        Ceramic fiber board
·        Ceramic paper
·        Low temperature board
·        Mineral wool
·        ETR blanket
·        1900°F mineral block insulation
·        Pyro-bloc (various sizes and hardware options)
·        Insulating cement

·        Superwool (non-RCF)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our Work John Peebles Associates LTD Review

Chief Executive Officer
SPCA Auckland
Technical Director
Food Manufacturer
Chief Executive Officer
Regulatory Organisation
Head of Sales and Marketing
Private Education Company
Head of Digital
Major Organisatio

Senior Associate
Private Law Firm – City Based
Significant Primary Sector Company
Operations Director
Significant Privately Owned FMCG
Small Public Listed Company
Global Sales Manager

GM North Island
Manufacturing Company
Public Listed Company
New Venture for IPO

National Retail Organisation

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Craig T. Matthews & Associates, LPA

Managing Partner

Location: Dayton, Ohio
Phone: 513-512-4074
Fax:        937-434-9398
Email:   Email Me

We provide exceptional legal litigation services for disputes in and around Dayton and Cincinnati. We litigate disputes involving sexual harassment, elder fraud, employment termination, toxic mold and mildew, and construction defects. We negotiate business and employment contracts and create estate plans to smooth the way for successful transitions.

Areas of Practice
Elder Fraud
Sexual Harassment
Construction Litigation
Elder Fraud Litigation
Employment Litigation
Probate & Trust Litigation

Litigation Percentage
80% of Practice Devoted to Litigation

Bar Admissions
Ohio, 1978
U.S. District Court Southern District of Ohio, 1979
U.S. Court of Appeals 6th Circuit, 1994
U.S. Supreme Court, 2007

University of Dayton School of Law, Dayton, Ohio
J.D. - May, 1978

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
B.A. - 1975
Major: Chemistry

Published Works
Elder Financial Abuse: Power of Attorney Scams, Nolo Publishing, 2012
Elder Fraud and Financial Abuse , Dayton Bar Association, April, 2010
Piercing the Corporate Veil , Nolo Publishing, 2011

Representative Cases
Cline v. Niehaus, 2011 CV 05176 (Montgomery C.P. 2011)
Austin v. Lamb, 2010 CV 05546 (Montgomery C.P. 2010)
Hughes v. Goodrich Corporation, 3:08CV263 (S.D. Ohio 2008)
Davis v. International Trade Bridge, Inc., 3:11cv00462 (S.D. Ohio 2011)
Executor of Estate of Violet Schumann v. Knoop, 2006 CV 5601 (Montgomery C.P. 2006)
Scott v. Hall, 61 Ohio App.3d 616, 573 N.E.2d 718, 1998-Ohio App. LEXIS 4985 (2nd Dist. 1988)
Moran v. Everdry, 2010 CV 03696 (Montgomery C.P. 2010)
Horanyi v. Shooter Constr. Co., 23876, 2011-Ohio 4164, 2011 Ohio App. LEXIS 3488 (2nd Dist. Montgomery 2011)
Bremer v. Angler Construction Company, 2010 CV 09962 (Montgomery C.P. 2010)
Harmon v. GZK, Inc., 18762, 2002-Ohio-545, 2002 Ohio App. LEXIS 480 (2nd Dist. Montgomery 2002)

Elder Fraud and Senior Citizen Financial Abuse, DATV, 2011 - 2012
Stopping Elder Fraud at the Bank, National Bank & Trust, 2012
Collection Law, Dayton Bar Association
Balancing Your Professional and Personal Life, University of Dayton School of Law
Family Wealth Preservation, Ameriprise
Creditors Committee role in Chapter II Bankruptcy, American Bankruptcy Law Form, 1990 – 1991

Honors and Awards
AV Preeminent Rating by Martindale Hubble
Superb Rating 9.7 out of 10 by Avvo

Professional Associations and Memberships
Ohio State Bar Association, Member, November 11, 1978 - 2013
Dayton Bar Association, Sustaining Member, November 11, 1978 – 2013

Past Employment Positions
Bogin & Patterson, Partner, 1978 – 1995

Pro Bono Activities
Volunteer Lawyers Project, 1995 - 2013
Tecumseh Land Trust (charter trustee and vice chair), 1991 - 1992
Yellow Springs Community Resources (founder)

Phi Alpha Delta
Phi Kappa Tau

Craig matthews and associates elder fraud lawyers

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mentor Program of Tokyo Mothers Group

Our TMG volunteer mentors aim to make the settling-in and adjusting process a bit easier for newcomers to motherhood or Tokyo (or both!) by sharing their local knowledge and experience of everyday life in Tokyo as a mother. Our mentor program provides you with a helpful contact to help answer all those questions, or at least point you in the right direction.

Through the mentor program, existing TMG members meet, support and encourage new members in a more personalized way. Support can be provided face-to-face, over the phone and by email.

We also have Japanese-speaking mentors who can provide language support such as accompanying new mothers to the local supermarket or baby store to help decipher those labels.

If you are interested in participating in our mentor program, please contact the Mentor Program Coordinators.


We are looking for more of our members to become mentors: to meet, support and encourage new mothers as they embark upon their "Tokyo new mother" journey. We know you all have a lot to offer and invaluable experience to share, so please email us if you would like to get involved!